When and where will the festival take place? 
  • The festival will take place in Divjaka, Albania from 14.9.2022 - 19.9.2022. 
What are my travel options? 
  • Penny Bus (most ecological) 
  • Train
  • Flight
Where can I buy my ticket? 
What are the payment options for ticket purchase? 
  • Credit card 
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
Is there a shuttle that will take me from the airport to the festival location? 
  • Yes there is one/two shuttle on 14.9. that will take you to the location. 
  • On 19.9. there will be a shuttle back to the airport at 9am. 
Do I have the possibility to cancel my booking or is there a cancellation insurance?
  • We offer you a cancellation insurance, which you can buy directly in the ticket store with your ticket. This way you will get 100% of your costs refunded up to 14 days before the festival starts.
How does the distribution of the rooms work? 
  • If you have booked less beds than the room capacity, you will be accommodated with other great festival guests. You will therefore share a room.
Can I book a room alone? 
  • Yes you can, but there will be extra costs for the unoccupied beds. If you are interested, please send us an email at info@wunderwandel.org . 
You would like to be in the same room with a friend? 
  • This is possible, as long as you let us know in time by e-mail. info@wunderwandel.org
How far are the hotel rooms from the festival? 
  • The hotels are located on the mainland. It takes about 15 minutes to walk over a bridge to the festival area. 
Where are the tent/camper sleeping places located?
  • The places for tents are located on the festival area as well as on the mainland. Campers can only park on the mainland.
Can I give my ticket to a friend in case of urgency? 
  • Yes, this is of course possible. Please contact us via email info@wunderwandel.org
Will there be food & drinks at the festival? 
  • Our bar will be available at the festival site at any time. Additionally, there will be food options at the festival site and at the main hotel. 
Which acts will perform at the festival? 
  • Here you can find our current line-up!
What can I do if I lost something at the festival? 
  • If you have lost something, please contact the Infopoint at the festival. Found things will be handed in there.
  • After the festival we ask you to contact us by e-mail. info@wunderwandel.org.